About Us and How We Started?

We're Eddie and Dean, the proud owners of Electraheat North East. We were parts of two different companies, and friends for over 20 years. The vision to set up a business that catered for electrical, gas, heating and plumbing came about when we discussed how we were working and sharing work and profits with sub-contractors or struggling to complete work single-handed. Setting up Electraheat North East was a no-brainer. Amalgamating two businesses to create one company that caters for a range of services and allows us to work even closer with landlords and property management firms, as well as our domestic and commercial clients, whose ever increasing demands are mounting from local and national government. It also allows us to split our ever-increasing overheads between the two of us, enabling us to keep our prices down.


Being able to offer Electrical Installation Condition Reports (EICRs) and Gas Safety Checks are paramount and enable landlords to have access to the essential services from one supplier. We also specialise in a range of electrical and heating solutions, from part to full rewires, upgrading outlets and fittings, minor and major repairs, fault-finding, full and part refurbs along with boiler repairs and upgrades and a range of plumbing services. Did you know, that as a landlord your property must have a gas safety check every year and an EICR every 5 years maximum. We can keep track of this for you and remind you when they're due. We can also complete any essential checks and issue reports and carry out remedial works, taking the hassle out of shopping around.


Our invoicing and quoting process is clear and transparent. We itemise our prices so you can see exactly what you're paying. It allows us to show you that we aren't just plucking a figure out of thin air. We also aren't yet VAT registered, meaning our prices will likely be 20% cheaper than our competitors. We'll keep this option for as long as we possibly can. 


Get in touch with us via the Contact page to discuss your requirements. 

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No job too small. We won't fob you off because you only want a small job done. All work is money and we won't turn you down.