An inefficient or old central heating system can prove very costly for homeowners and business alike. An efficient system saves money and boosts productivity in the workplace and comfort around the home. 


Regular boiler servicing can reduce the costs incurred in the event of a breakdown as all mechanical parts of the boiler are inspected and tested, and the parts that can be cleaned are done so. 


CP12s are a legal requirement to prove the safety of the gas installation and gas using appliances in rental properties - at Electraheat North East, we can also carry out a Gas Safety Check and certify to ensure your property is compliant and meets the legislation. 


We can also repair or replace your old, inefficient boiler. Our network of suppliers ensures we get the best prices and pass our savings on to you. Couple this up with more modern radiators, your energy bills can be cut and your heat output increased. It's a no-brainer really. 


As well as gas central heating, we also specialise in the supply, install and maintenance of electric heating systems, including storage heaters, electric radiators, convector heaters, underfloor heating and immersion heaters and tanks. 


Have you got a fault with your heating system or need to book a service or CP12? Get in touch. We'd be more than happy to advise on the best way to get your existing system up and running again in the most efficient way or arrange your service.